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How to Choose the Best Puppy

Puppies are awesome animals as they are very cute and beautiful to keep and to behold. A home with puppies tends to feel alive as there is always that jovial mood due to playful puppies around. There is nothing as sweet as enjoying your free time with puppies at home and also taking a walk with them. If you have been wanting to choose the healthiest puppy and do not know where to start, here are some tips on what to look for.

Consider checking if the eyes and ears are normal of which they both must not have discharge coming out. When a puppy has discharge from eyes and ears then that is a sick puppy that needs to be attended for. When a puppy has fluids in both ears and eyes then right away that is a puppy that needs; medical attention and should not be chosen. Always consider choosing a puppy that has clean shiny coats, this way it shows that no infections whatsoever and that is a healthy puppy.

A puppy should be playful and always curious, and when selecting them you must consider if that’s how they are behaving. When a puppy is playful it shows that it is a normal puppy and has normal growth that can be trusted by the buyer. Naturally puppies are meant to be cheeky as they still have the puppyish mind of which they cannot evade this. A good puppy is always attentive, you can know this by clapping and if the puppy responds and is showing some suspicion in its face then that is a normal healthy puppy.

When choosing a puppy always consider if they are alert or not and a normal one is always alert about what is happening. When a puppy is showing some signs of laziness and is always sleepy then there is a problem and should not be picked. Normally a puppy shouldn’t be sleeping always actually it should be playful and active most of the time.

Also never forget to look for the right breed, normally puppies do vary in breeding and people will always have preferences. Some breeds are very cute and thick in far whereas others are not. If you are looking a puppy for security or for keeping as a pet then you need to put your preferences right. All in all, puppies are awesome and very adorable and from preferences, people will always go for what they want.

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